The Clare School Vision and Values


Our Vision

At The Clare School we aspire for every pupil to become as independent as possible; to communicate in a meaningful way and to be as happy, healthy and safe as possible.  We ‘celebrate success’ at every opportunity, aiming to enable all pupils to reach their individual potential.  We endeavour to provide a fully personalised academic curriculum to meet the needs of every pupil.  We believe in all of our pupils and will work tirelessly to support them to achieve their goals.


Our Values


We want our pupils to become as independent as they possibly can be.  We support them to move as independently as possible, whether that is in a wheelchair, a powered chair or by using specialist physiotherapy equipment.  We have an Independence Flat on site where pupils can practise their learning, we have a fully adapted kitchen which pupils use on a weekly basis and all pupils undertake safe travel training in the community when they are in our Sixth Form. We support our young people to gain valuable independent living skills for their future lives.  We expect all of our pupils to access their local community, to participate in a wide range of activities, as independently as possible.



We teach all of our pupils to communicate in a way that is meaningful for them, whether that is by using BSL signing, Assistive Technology, AAC, their own voice, switches or picture symbols.  We have a large specialist communication support team in school, who work with all pupils to develop their skills as they progress in their learning journey with us.  We want our pupils to make their own choices about what they want to learn and to be empowered to make their own decisions.  We want our pupils to be able to communicate effectively out in their local community and wider afield.


Challenge and Aspirations

We will empower our pupils to reach their full potential.  We have high aspirations for every child from their very first day at school onwards.  We expect our pupils to leave The Clare School with not only a wide range of nationally recognised accredited certificates and qualifications which prepares them for Further Education, but also an understanding of their future options by having engaged in a range of community and work-related experiences.  Our teaching staff understand every pupil as an individual and plan personalised learning opportunities to support them.  We work with other professionals to ensure that the provision for each pupil is exactly right and is purposeful and meaningful.  We work relentlessly to ensure that our pupils are supported to be happy, healthy and safe.


Health and Wellbeing

We place a high value on maintaining good health at The Clare School.  We have a team of trained support assistants who ensure that physiotherapy programmes are completed, who can provide specialist massage treatments to relax tight limbs, who follow postural management programmes and who provide all the medical interventions necessary during the school day.  We work closely with NHS staff, parents and carers to ensure that we provide exemplary health care to all our pupils.  We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of holistic activities to support the wellbeing of our pupils.  We have numerous sensory rooms, a Rebound Therapy suite, a wildlife garden for quiet moments of reflection, an outdoor music area, soft play areas and an accessible playground and sports pitch.  We employ a music therapist to work with our pupils and have a thriving Nurture provision to help pupils when they may need a bit of extra support.


Celebrating Success

We celebrate the smallest of achievements because we truly understand how big these are to our pupils and their families.  We are proud of our pupils and everything they achieve.  We will advocate and champion our pupils, breaking down barriers, assumptions and pre-conceptions to ensure that we do not limit what our pupils can achieve.