Online Safety

Online Safety

Keeping your child safe online can be a real worry for parents and carers. Luckily there is an increasing amount of support, resources and information available out there to help you.

Useful Phone Numbers

NSPCC – online safety helpline where you can find practical advice about how to set parental controls on devices: 0808 800 5002 

NSPCC Adult Helpline – where you can call and speak to someone about a concern you might have or to check that what you are doing about online safety at home is correct and appropriate: 0808 800 5000

Parents’ Guides for Keeping Children Safe

Links and information sheets to help keep your child safe

Educational Websites
Child Internet Safety Links
National Curriculum Programmes of Study
We will be covering Computer Science, Information Technology, Digital Literacy and Online Safety. You can read more about the programmes of study here:
Online Safety Support for Parents and Carers
The Clare School on Social Media

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