Eco School


At The Clare School we are determined to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We have voted for students to be part of our Eco Committee, who we believe will ensure everyone in the school doesn’t forget to be as ‘green’ as possible. After a lot of hard work the school has been awarded the Eco-School Green Flag Award.

To achieve this award the school needed to achieve these 7 steps:

Step 1 Eco-Committee

A group of young people who, with the support of an Eco-Coordinator and other adult staff members, are responsible for running the Eco-Schools programme in your school.

Step 2 Environmental Review

A set of fact-finding questions linked to our 10 Eco-Schools topics that have been designed to help your Eco-Committee understand what environmental work your school is already doing, whilst inspiring further eco-actions.

Step 3 Action Plan

A working document to help your school plan and manage actions for 3 Eco-Schools Topics, which you will work on during the school year.

Step 4 Curriculum Links

Including environmental education in your learning throughout the year.

Step 5 Informing and Involving

Engaging the entire school and its wider community in eco-projects and actions for the 3 Eco-Schools topics chosen in Step 3: Action Plan.

Step 6 Monitoring and Evaluation

Assessing the impact of the topic work in your action plan, addressing what worked well, what needed adapting and how your school could develop eco-actions in the future.

Step 7 Eco-Code

A whole school promise to protect the planet that reflects the topic work your Eco-Committee have completed in their Action Plan during the school year.