Semi-Formal Curriculum

The Clare School Curriculum

Semi-Formal Curriculum

The semi-formal curriculum pathway focuses on developing the practical application of skills and knowledge. It centres around the development of student voice and choice, fostering positive social and communication skills. These learners are developing their independence, communication, cognitive and social skills. The intent for the semi formal curriculum is to provide a personalised approach to learning driven by EHCP targets that builds on prior learning. 

Learners on this pathway are starting to work on subject specific study with a major emphasis on developing functional literacy and numeracy skills. Activities will be motivating and engaging and pupils will develop confidence to become more independent learners. It recognises that many of our pupils have a range of complex needs as well as learning difficulties. We meet each pupil’s needs through a personalised and adapted approach delivered through a bespoke curriculum. The curriculum is designed to be ambitious, fun, engaging, practical and meaningful and match to pupils learning and developmental needs. We continue to celebrate each step of success that our learners make.

Our Core Curriculum Areas

Our curriculum is split into 4 core areas. Then within these 4 areas we have detailed what content will be covered for our semi-formal learners. Please see the illustration below:

Thematic Delivery

At The Clare School learners on the semi-formal curriculum will access a topic/ thematic based curriculum. A topic/thematic based curriculum involves combining a variety of curriculum subjects to allow pupils to explore learning at a greater depth and make better connections between different areas of learning. Through the topics/themes chosen we will provide learners a broad and balanced curriculum offer from entry until leaving us at The Clare School. Please see the link below for details on our recently devised Long Term Themes across Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.

How assessment supports our curriculum

The ongoing process of assessments ensures that every pupil is kept at the very centre. Every pupil on the Semi-Formal pathway has got a Learning Support Plan (LSP) in place that is updated on a termly basis. LSP’s are set by the teachers in collaboration with other professionals and parents to ensure that all key stakeholders are involved in this process. 

We have developed our own bespoke Assessment Frameworks using ‘B Squared’ and other key documents, alongside our views on what is appropriate for our cohort. Evidence of pupil progress is uploaded to Earwig and tagged against the different Assessment Frameworks. Frameworks are detailed in terms of subject areas. Earwig is a safe online platform that captures achievements using multimedia evidence. This is shared with parents, carers and families regularly throughout the school year, and allows parents to upload significant events if they wish. 

There is a statutory duty to report end of Key Stage data for all pupils who are at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 – this is in the form of Pre-Key Stage standards. The standards look at three strands:

  • English (Language and Comprehension)
  • English (Writing)
  • Mathematics
Intent, Implementation and Impact

Please see the link below for an in depth look at the ‘Intent’ for the Semi-Formal Curriculum, how we ‘Implement’ it and it’s ‘Impact’.